Q: What is the best strain of bud to provide energy?

A: Strains can be a good general guide for the type of effect you can get from consuming them but they can vary widely from one purchase to the next. In general you want to be looking for a Sativa based strain for energy and go very slow with dosing when you get a new batch. It is always good to be attentive to your condition when smoking because a bud from the bottom of a plant may have 10% THC and a bud from the top of the plant could have twice that concentration.

Q: I heard about someone having a terrible experience after eating some THC infused products. Is that normal?

A: It is not unusual but it is also unnecessary. The first problem could come from the amount of concentrate infused into the product. If it is not labeled with the number of milligrams per package and the recommended dosing amount it was not made with any scientific basis and should be avoided. Even with professionally made products the effects can vary based on weight, what you have recently eaten and your tolerance. It takes much longer to get the full affect from a “medible” – from 1 to 2 hours. Unfortunately this slow onset can cause inexperienced consumers to take additional doses when they didn’t need to. Unlike alcohol and most drugs, over-consumption of marijuana cannot kill you directly, unless you do something dangerous like driving.

Q: Does this stuff work on PTSD?

A: We have seen it help many patients with anxiety, tremors and insomnia which are common components of PTSD. We have read many positive articles about Cannabis and Hemp based products being helpful. If your Doctor supports you trying it we would do it in a place you are comfortable and with a support person. As always “go low and go slow;” meaning low dose, 2.5-10mgTHC, and go slow with only eating one dose so you can really asses what the right amount is going to be for you.

Q: A friend suggested I try some Cannabis to help my IBS, but I don’t want to smoke. Any ideas?

A: Although smoking has a quick onset it does not last as long and is often inconvenient. A vape pen (containing concentrate) may help with this as it is more discreet and could still provide the quick relief you want. Transdermal patches are available that will provide continuous dosing that could be supplemented with a vape pen. Another alternative to a vape pen is a tincture. Tinctures can provide very accurate and discreet dosing; think eye dropper only it is applied under the tongue.

Q: I have heard of CBD products. What are they and how are they different than smoking?

A: CBD is one of the many compounds in Cannabis and Hemp that can reduce stress, stomach disorders, help with sleeping, inflammation, spasms and more. CBD products use this isolated compound without the THC contents, so they do not produce psychoactive affects, so you do not get stoned. .